At the preparation stage Jeroen and his team managed to thoroughly study and process all relevant information, going very much into detail, which enabled sharp programme planning, excellent content cover and reaching the ultimate goals of the strategic session as well as getting the response of the audience represented by different nationalities and professional background of the management level, fully engaging the entire group. The strategy session with subtle content was skillfully facilitated with a brilliant sense of humor and very professionally integrated moderation techniques. It was indeed tailor-made and all initial ideas on the format and targets to be reached from the client’s side were grasped instantly and further developed with a very high speed. Not a single participant was bored or had time to stay idle, on the contrary, everyone left the session taking away the concept and the ideas which were worked out jointly during the one-day strategy event for their further implementation into daily business as well as the strategy vision was formulated and articulated jointly.

Important aspects to mention as well would be the flexibility and very prompt responses to all last minute changes and updates of the format, content and remarks of the organizational team from the client’s side. Brilliant performance, professional business attitude, integrity at every stage and “easy to work with” approach – these are the overall summary characteristics that could be outlined following the event. We are happy to recommend Jeroen Ketting and his team to any future client and project.

— Marcus Osegowitsch, General Director, Volkswagen Group Rus (2016)

Nice to work with a group professionals with such passion! We as Medstone group enjoyed every second of working with you and the Lighthouse group. It is fascinating that you were able to pick up so fast from the start on. The start was a simple telephone call with you Elena. That telephone call was a perfect start. You were able to give us some quick answers on a variety of subjects (legal, government, logistics, general market). After the telephone call the Lighthouse group supported a clear goal with us to set up our business in Russia. I thank you for your clear vision on business in the different cities of Russia and your knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry. We made a time schedule together and you set up the meetings for us. In the meetings in Russia we saw your good reputation in Russia. You gave us some good advice in doing presentations in Russia and setting up deals. Way different than our business in Europe. I can conclude that doing business with you has payed of in many ways. Not only business wise. We see the greatness of the country and the people thanks to you guys. Thanks a lot!

— Andries Kevenaar, CEO, Medstone Group (2016)

For the opening of our annual Dutch Alumni Day 2015 we asked Jeroen Ketting to give a lecture. His “Bad is the new good” presentation was a perfect match for our audience. Jeroen had to engage a broad audience consisting of people who studied in the Netherlands and now work in different fields in Moscow, for Dutch students and other people from business and higher education related to the Netherlands. His single message rang through throughout the whole presentation, which was a mix of hard facts, bad news, perceptions and fun stories. The single message that we should not be afraid of a crisis but look at the silver lining resonated with all those who participated. With his energy Jeroen singlehandedly made everyone smile and gave them something to think about. He adjusted the presentation to our audience and it felt like it was completely and exclusively made for us. You won’t regret inviting Jeroen Ketting to your event.

— Jerke Verschoor, Director, Netherlands Education Support Office, Nuffic Neso Russia (2015)

To see the recommendation letter from the CEO of Wolters Kluwer's International Center of Economic Development - Maxim Mezhansky, please click here

— Maxim Mezhanskiy, CEO, International Center of Economic Development, Wolters Kluwer (2015)

We would like to thank the Lighthouse team for their contribution to the success of our Russian joint venture over the 7 years it lasted. This Russian joint venture was an entirely new experience both for the Russian and for the Wolters Kluwer team, and Jeroen and team helped to overcome the challenges that both parties faced working in such an unknown environment. We learned to work together and now have a much better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Russia.  

— Matthijs Lusse, CFO, Legal Division, Wolters Kluwer (2015)

Just think about a time machine. Now add to the image in your head a button with “speedy course in history and culture”, “economics for advanced” key and gear it up with excellent humor. Properly speaking, FloraHolland  had a pleasure to welcome Jeroen Ketting as our guest speaker at the network session during the FlowersExpo 2015, major event in the floricultural business hosted in Russia. We were faced with two major challenges: abstruse situation in terms of politics and economy for our stakeholders and its diverse international background. Luckily, these obstacles were professionally handled by Jeroen.

Jeroen’s presentation enabled our mixed audience to take a look in the past, analyze the present and get insights and inspiration about the future in both dimensions: political and economic. As an experienced presenter, Jeroen managed to provide our listeners with profound and actual data, yet keeping it sharp and entertaining. Forget about being bored. I’m sincerely jealous for those, who are going to encounter Jeroen’s speeches for the first time.

— Asiya Suleymanova, Business Development Russia, FloraHolland (2015)

Rudolfinerhaus was looking for network partners in Moscow and St. Petersburg and asked Lighthouse for help. We wern’t only astonished but enthusiastic about the competent performance of our demands. We visited two dozens of identified partners and presented the clinic to them. During the set-up time and our stays in Moscow and St. Petersburg  we were supported  by a pleasant and skilled team. We highly recommend the company and it’s perfect staff.  

— Heinz Ruzicka, International Business Development, Rudolfinerhaus clinic (2015)

In the task of legal support as to establishing a new company in Moscow, Lighthouse has proved itself a reliable and efficient partner. It is to feel safe and sound when being guided by high skilled, committed and flexible personnel providing services at the highest level. Accept our sincere gratitude for successful experience in Russia!

— Geert Jan Mantel, CEO, Yanmar Europe B.V. (2014)

In a few words, we want to note that the market entry of Democrata in Russian was made possible thanks to the excellent management of the Brazilian Footwear project in Russia combined with the high professionalism of Lighthouse presenting the Russian market to Brazilian companies by means of a thorough market study, highlighting the "pros and cons "and arising opportunities. Moreover, Lighthouse organized a high-quality matchmaking with well qualified contacts.

— Anderson Melo, Export Manager, Democrata (2014)

Sapatoterapia has started the project “Russian Market” yet in 2013 when we made our first visit. And we have already repeated it this year when we could see that there is really a lot to explore there. The LIGHTHOUSE Group participation, coordinating all the events was vital and extremely important for the success achieved so far, not only for the excellent level of the customers they have invited and visited us, but also for showing us with details how is the market, its potential and which are the best ways to reach our main objective which is the introduction of the product and the brand in Russia. We have our representative there and we already have orders!! We are really satisfied with their services indeed!!

— Daniel Figueiredo, Export Manager, Sapatoterapia (2014)

“In June 2014 we had the opportunity to participate in a showroom in Moscow organized by Lighthouse. As a result, we were extremely satisfied with the level of organization of the whole event as well as with the quality of the commercial contacts.”

— Magnus Oliveira, Export Manager, Calçados Bibi Ltda (2014)

"Lighthouse played an essential role in identifying potential commercial partners for our brands in Russia. With its team of highly qualified professionals we succeeded in finding new clients during our mission to Moscow in June 2014. We are very satisfied with the delivered services and recommend Lighthouse for any company that wants to develop business in Russia."

— Jefferson Rodrigo Berz, International Sales Coordinator, Grendene S/A (2014)

"Once again Lighthouse has been an important partner for identifying potential buyers for the International Business Roundtable at the Agrishow. The support provided by Lighthouse was very significant. Not only the participants were fully aligned with the project's goal, but also our project team was supported with dedication and quality at all stages of the project."

— Stephane Samudio F. Santos, External Market Department, Apex-Brasil/ABIMAQ (2014)

"Jeroen was our guest-speaker during a meeting of our Russia desk with a presentation on doing business in Russia and we spent an excellent afternoon with lots of added-value. With his vast experience, Jeroen has remarkable knowledge on the business environment in Russia with a reach that goes beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg. Apart from the very helpful do's and the don'ts, there were a number of eye-openers that should be elementary for anyone who is doing business in Russia.  During the presentation, Jeroen facilitated questions & discussions with lots of ease which resulted in a very inter-active and entertaining session that was much appreciated by everyone attending."

— Harmen Zeven, Partner, Loyens & Loeff NV (2014)

"The presentation of Jeroen on Market Intelligence was excellent.

There was a definite need among our members to become better informed on this topic. The info given was based on the actual situation and your seminar provided an excellent forum for the members to ask questions and give opinions.

Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant afternoon."

— Nina Verschaetse, Project Manager, Voka Chamber of Commerce (2014)

"Lighthouse did an excellent job in order to make our trade mission to Moscow a success. Upfront we were a bit reluctant about the number of meetings that could be arranged. But I hadn’t counted on Lighthouse. I mentioned that I wanted as many meetings as possible as part of the match making. And I noticed that. During two days I had a concatenation of meetings and no time for lunch. Based on this we really learned a lot about the Russian insurance market and build an impressive set of opportunities."

— Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO, Friss (2014)

"Jeroen Ketting moderated the TEDx event on Health Insurance to the full satisfaction of the key participants in both the Russian and the English language.

In a pleasant way he was able to summarize and ask the right questions in this important issue.

His good command of the Russian and English languages and cultures enabled him to pose pertinent and timely questions that furthered the discussion.

Also he was able to involve the public by addressing them directly concerning their field of interest."

— Mrs E.I.K. Durieux, Second Secretary Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Department, The Netherlands Embassy in Moscow (2014)

"Lighthouse offered efficient and practical support for the big economic event in November 2013, during which several trade missions from different sectors came at the same time to Russia (Rostov-on Don, Kazan and Moscow) for match making and the closure of the Netherlands-Russia bilateral year.

Lighthouse's in-depth knowledge of the Russian and Dutch ways of doing business resulted in a realistic and effective program for all involved.

Especially appreciated was their flexibility when confronted with unexpected obstacles; and the problem solving attitude of the consultants made working with them a pleasure.

The overall organization went smoothly and to the full satisfaction of the Dutch companies and the Dutch ministers of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Aid, and Public Healthcare, Welfare and Sport."

— Philip de Jong, Head of Department of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands Embassy in Moscow (2014)

"Although Tsubaki has much experience in exploring new markets, the step to expand in Russia gave some extra challenges. We were very happy that Lighthouse could help us to speed up our activities in Moscow area.

The recruitment procedures, pay rolling solutions and housing arrangements were very fast  organized. Lighthouse offered us professional help, practical guidelines and a good connection with their Russian network.

Fast delivery, practical solutions and a good price/quality level are key words for our cooperation. The team of Lighthouse in Moscow proved to be pro-active, flexible and showed understanding for both Dutch and Japanese cultural habits. We hope to continue and develop our relationship with Lighthouse in the coming years as Tsubaki will expand in the Russian market."

— Jean-Paul Frishert, Financial Director, Tsubakimoto Europe BV (2014)

"It was a good experience working with Lighthouse Russia BV. Team was very committed to do the job. Good and extensive report and open for discussion. Good service and value for money. Lighthouse knows the Russian business culture and is able to bridge to European culture and to our requirements for doing business. A good recommendation."

— Frank Wetzels, Director Business Unit Industry, Energy & Mining, HaskoningDHV Nederland B.V. (2014)

"It was my great pleasure to work together with Jeroen Ketting during the Netherland-Russia Business meet which was co-organized by ING Bank. This Business meet in Amsterdam was the kick-off of the 2013 bilateral Russia-Netherlands year and visited by more than 600 people from many Dutch and Russian business areas. Jeroen moderated one of the sector sessions during this day on the topic of Telecom, Media and Technology. With his natural presenting and moderating talents he managed to get and keep a discussion on going between the panel members and at the same time asking the right questions to trigger the interest and participation of the audience. We want to thank Jeroen for his time and efforts to make a success of the NL-RU Business meet in general and the TMT sector session in particular."

— Jurjen Verschoor, Business Manager, ING Bank Central & Eastern Europe (2013)

“I thank Jeroen for his more than excellent and witty presentation on “Russia Decoded” for the Rotterdam Running Ambassadors, a group of Rotterdam business people, which combines doing international business with marathon running. In September 2013 they will run the Moscow Marathon. Jeroen outlined a clear picture of Russia, which is like Churchill strikingly characterised as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery and surrounded by an enigma”. Jeroen’s presentation made us even more curious in a further discovery of this complex and fascinating country. So, we are very much looking forward to his next presentation on “doing business in Russia” and “negotiating with Russians”. I am convinced that these will also provide us with very useful information on doing business with Russia in a more effective way. Moreover, these wise lessons avoid unnecessary disappointments in business.”


— Boudewijn Haverkorn van Rijsewijk, Financial Services Consultant and Contractor (2013)

"Lighthouse has guided us well during our trade mission to Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. The preparations went well: after establishing the profile 75% of the companies on the long list were a good potential partner. That is, given the specific nature of our industry, a very good result. On location Birgit and Anastasia were a good team in coordinating the arrangements (especially with regards to last minute changes) and thus, we could get a good impression of our opportunities in Russia."

— Ferenc Jacobs, Market Developer, OpenNet Europe (2013)

“The presentation by Jeroen Ketting titled “Russia decoded” during the visit of the “Dutch Dream Foundation” to Russia was highly appreciated by this group of visiting Dutch businessmen. His presentation showed a deeper understanding of Russia, its soul and its business practices. All this spiced up with practical anecdotes from encounters in daily life. His ability and ease to communicate with people makes that he draws attention to his words from the audience till the last words spoken.”

— Chris van Vliet, First Secretary, The Netherlands Embassy in Moscow (2013)

“From 23 up to 29 June 2013, No Limit Ships B.V., the Netherlands, joined a trade mission to Russia, a.o. to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The mission was initiated by a Dutch chamber of commerce, but organized by Lighthouse Russia.

The organization was very professional from interviews in Holland prior the trip, searching for interesting parties to meet and making appointments up to well taken care of the program on the spot. Lighthouse arranged interpreters, accommodation and showed themselves as flexible and creative in finding alternatives and solutions where needed.

We recommend to approach Lighthouse when planning a commercial trip to Russia.”

— Dick Westera, Commercial Director, No Limit Ships (2013)

"When we plan our entry to an international market, more important than having an extensive and detailed research is to know a partner who understands the market, works with safe information, has a very effective network and still, can prepare a clear and efficient study for your industry. That was the case of Abicalçados and Lighthouse in 2012/2013.
By defining Russia as a priority market for the Brazilian Footwear Program,  our first challenge was to find the ideal partner to study the market. We have hired Lighthouse for structuring a study that supported the Brazilian footwear brands in the Russian market, and that has shown us that besides the very efficient team they had,  they could also maintain a high level of understanding of the sector and of the main demands of information of the market.
At the beginning of the whole process, Lighthouse has done an excellent workshop for the Brazilian companies to understand and prepare better for the Russian market. Already at the end, beyond the delivery of the material, a new workshop was held to present the results of the study. The compliments from the entrepreneurs regarding the content itself demonstrated the quality of the job.
The Lighthouse group and its team have this differential on understanding the need of their customers and excellence in service. Besides maintaining our working relationship, we recommend Lighthouse as an important partner for those interested in the Russian market. "

— Cristian Schlindwein, Intelligence Unit Coordinator, ABICALÇADOS (2013)

"The services provided by Lighthouse at the International Business Round during Agrishow´s International Trade Fair, were essential to identify good partnerships from Eastern Europe. It's great to know that we can count with great customer service provided with such a highly qualified and efficient partner such as Lighthouse."

— Marcelo Carvalho, Project Manager, Apex-Brasil/ABIMAQ (2012)

“The Lighthouse Group is a great partner to have in understanding the Russian political, economic and cultural aspects that impact one’s ability to do business in Russia. They have the talent to bring unique resources to the table in order to help one’s client to understand the opportunities and challenges of doing business in the new Russia. The added value of the Lighthouse Group for an American company is that they provide the European view in dealing with the Russian market and give options to the traditional American way of moving into new markets. We have partnered with them twice and look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.”

— Bill Wiggenhorn, Principal, MainCaptiva llc. (2012)

“We want to thank you for organizing the cross cultural introduction training for our expats and their families. Having been through one of your cross cultural business programmes before, I appreciated the way the trainer Jeroen Ketting tailored his seminar to the needs of a wider (non-business) audience. The seminar combined practical tips on how to enjoy Russia with a profound and fresh analysis of Russia and the Russian people, presented in an entertaining way. Even the children -not the easiest ones to entertain- had fun!”

— Erling Brevik, Statoil Russia (2012)

“As our direct business has more or less ended for the moment - we think we have found a few good representatives in Russia now - I like to thank you and your staff for the good work what was done. As I worked with Daria Galkova most of the time, I like to add and address my compliments also special to her. I experienced her as a talented, friendly and open minded business developer with an excellent local network and a sense for business opportunities. Besides her I had also to do with Birgit von Oehsen, who I found also to be very professional, helpful and friendly. I like to express my thanks and appreciation for the organizational capabilities of your company which ensured an efficient and productive market visit with the mentioned good results. I hope to be able to work with your company again in the near future.”

— Bart Slagter, Sales Manager, Eclipse Combustion BV (2012)

“Many, many thanks for all your work and effort. You were always available to us and whatever we asked, you came always back to us with a quick answer. Our project last year was a big success also thanks to you. You made our work so much easier and even doing business with Russia was now a piece of cake! We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Lighthouse this year.”

— Stephan van den Hurk, Global Aviation Support (2012)

"Lighthouse managed to select in a relatively short time for DSM Russia very good candidates for the position of Regional HR & Public Affairs manager. DSM has finally hired one of them. The overall selection process went very smooth and to full satisfaction of DSM in Russia and in Europe. Thanks for a job well done. Hope to work with Lighthouse again for future vacancies."

— Dick Bongard, President Russia/CIS, DSM (2012)

“The promotion of Brazilian products and services in Russia dates from many years ago, especially in trade fairs and small sector initiatives. But since Apex-Brasil started its work in promoting Brazil abroad, it has organized, along with its partners in Brazil (sector associations and Brazilian companies) strategic content and events for a better understanding about our country and its potential in the international market. And Russia was always considered as a priority market for us.

In the past 8 years, we have been promoting Brazil in Russia in different ways, with trade missions, food and machinery fairs and even fashion shows, but we must admit it is a unique market, either in its potential or in the challenges. Our most recent event in Moscow, called Brasil Tech 2011, was a proof that the market is changing and getting more dynamic, but the preparation and organization of this event, specifically, was easier than the others not only because of this fact, but for the local partner we worked with: Lighthouse Group. A very hard-working team, focused work and an endless effort aiming at the most successful result are some of the qualities to define this company. Lighthouse team knows when to speed up and to slow down, respecting all features the Russian market has, and, of course, working in a high professional way, mixing the best from Russia and the West.”

— Diogo Akitaya, Project Manager, Apex-Brasil (2011)

"Lighthouse has provided Mead Johnson Nutrition with an accelerated understanding of the Russian market and psyche. This has allowing us to move much faster in tailoring our offer to the unique needs of Russia whilst still maintaining the competitive advantage we have developed in other markets."

— Mark Hely, Mead Johnson Nutrition (2011)

“The recent APEX Trade Mission in Russia, developed in partnership with Lighthouse, was a real door opener for our company. Such co-joint activity allowed our real entry into this competitive and demanding country which is Russia. We from FGM Dentscare would like to express our gratitude to the whole team of Lighthouse.”

— Diego Estivam, Export Sales Manager, FGM Dentscare (2011)

"The Lighthouse Group has accepted an amazing challenge in finding clients for Brazilian health devices in Russia. As Brazilian medical companies are still not known in Russia, as they are in other regions like Latin and North America, the Lighthouse Group worked hard to promote our companies. We understand it was a great job with the participation of high qualified clients on our event. We are glad to say that we returned ABIMO's and APEX's investments, since our Brazilian companies have already closed deals with Russian clients. I also would like to point out that the presentation from Mr. Jeroen Ketting was a brilliant preparation for our companies to understand the complicated Russian market. Thank you for your dedication."

— Paula Portugal, International Projects Manager, ABIMO (2011)

"Being part of a trade mission representing the Dutch sporting industry, I have experienced the dedicated way of working of the Lighthouse Team. After an intensive and proactive briefing prior to the mission, the final match making in Moscow went flawless. Due to their detailed preparations, Lighthouse made sure the participants of the mission only needed to worry about their own match making meetings. Several field trips were organized by Lighthouse, visiting interesting and relevant companies, giving the participants of the mission the necessary inside of doing business in Russia."

— Dennis Mulder, Export Manager, AGU B.V. (2011)

“Before I came to Moscow I was very skeptic about the mission. At your briefing I learned a lot about the mentality and the way of thinking of the Russian business people. All your tips where very welcome and were always in the back of my mind during the conversations that I had. Much to my advantage I found out later on. During the meetings my agenda was fully booked with excellent leads. All these appointments where right on point and people where very interested in our products. Again thank you very much for all the good and very professional work from everybody at the Lighthouse Group. The best investment I made.”

— Nico van der Wel, Director, Mr Lacy (2011)

"Nuffic Neso Russia - official representative of Dutch higher education in Russia invited Jeroen Ketting to present a workshop on the topic "Networking" for the Russian alumni of Dutch universities. Having a unique experience of business negotiations in both the Dutch and Russian business environment Jeroen Ketting made a great presentation and taught the alumni how to use networking successfully in their lives and careers. The alumni were very satisfied with the presentation, and we hope that this will be the starting point for our further prosperous cooperation. It's a pleasure for me to thank here Jeroen Ketting again."

— Olga Zabotina, Alumni Officer, Nuffic Neso Russia (2011)

“For Iberdeli the trip to Rusia in April 2010 has been very interesting. With the help of Lighthouse it was possible for me to come to Moscow and have some interesting appointments during 4 days. Result is that our company has started delivering to the high-level retail chain of Azbuka Vkusa in Moscow.”

— Paul Gonzalez, Export Manager, Iberdeli (2011)

"Herewith I thank you very much for the organisation of the trade mission to Belgorod. You did an excellent job. Knowing how difficult it is, although persons promise to come, I was pleasantly surprised that we had several fruitful meetings during the match making. Also the visit to the Agro-holding resulted in several discussions between the management of the Agro-holding and the representatives of the Dutch companies. The overall organization was excellent. We have started the follow up of the meetings and we have the confidence that positive results will follow. I wish you good luck in the business and hope you will remain in good health!"

— Ton Sas, Animal Nutritionist, Provimi (2011)

"ING Bank in Russia participated in already two Dutch Trade Missions that took place in 2010 - we visited Rostov, Krasnodar, Samara and Kazan. By participation in Trade Missions ING was targeting to (1) play a role as active member of Dutch Community in Russia trying to support activities of Dutch Corporates/Business here, to (2) be involved into active dialog with Russian Government Authorities in the regions and to (3) look into the new projects with large Russian Corporates in the regions. With the deep gratitude to the Dutch Embassy in Russia and Lighthouse we would like to say that both Missions were organised in a very good quality.”

— Boris Oreshnikov, Vice President, Head of International Clients Desk, ING Commercial Banking (2010)

"Lighthouse offers us complete practical support and has assisted in the expansion of our Moscow office. Professional advice and consultancy in formal matters such as extending our incorporated RO (representative office); the excellent and (almost) peer support of our Russian employee who, as a result, does not feel like she is working alone in Moscow but receives a lot of support from the ‘warmth' of the Lighthouse team; the perfect way in which our RO administration is processed by the team and the pleasant, quick and proper way in which all our questions are answered or detailed. We have been so satisfied with this first year that we would like to continue to make use of Lighthouse's services in 2011!"

— Trea Klaarenbeek, Managing Director, Jos de Vries International B.V. (2010)

"Lighthouse supported SafeSpace very well in finding an appropriate first location in Moscow for our self storage business. They not only found this in a timely and professional way but also secured good progress in the initial phase of the negotiation process. We want to thank the team of Lighthouse for a job well done!"

— Nico De Nijs, CEO, SafeSpace (2010)

"After years of trying ourselves, we recently secured a first concrete contract with the Russian Railways. The support of Lighthouse was crucial not only in securing the contract, but also in the strategic positioning of the project within the Russian Railways. Lighthouse is our indispensable partner for our business in Russia."

— Hans van Marlen, Export Manager, Pintsch Aben (2010)

"Lighthouse delivered important input in assessing the Russian market for our services. We appreciated their hands-on approach, great knowledge of Russian (business) culture and speed to come up with tangible results. It showed Lighthouse knows their way around in a complex environment."

— Paul van de Kerkhof, Managing Director, Nordics/CEE Randstad Holding (2010)

"As our company was relatively new on the Russian market, we had to find our way in both the Russian culture and structure. Lighthouse has proven to be a partner, which not only provides answers to questions asked, but also pro-actively thinks with us. Their experience and pro-active approach helped us to gain experience ourselves and enabled us to set up a successful business."

— Mark Beumer, Director Operations, EBK (2010)

"I want to thank you all for a very successful program with the Dutch Butchers Association!! Overall the presentation at the Ritz and the company visits really met the expectations of the group. Especially the meeting at Mikoyan was overwhelming and very special for the group. Also the assistance of Anastasia and Olga was highly appreciated. Thanks again and I will certain come back to you in case of future projects."

— Louis van Os, Partner, First Incentive B.V. (2010)

"Lighthouse successfully assisted us in assessing the Russian market, market potential and to identify a Russian partner. We appreciated to work with Lighthouse. They were effective and transparent in communication. Whenever we have a new project on board, which should be handled through a consultant, we will not hesitate to contact them again."

— Carine Bosman, Export Director, Attends Healthcare AB (2010)

"We can look back at a successful organised factfinding mission logistics and a visit to the fair Transrussia Moscow. It was a great pleasure to do business with the Lighthouse Russia. We recommend the Lighthouse Russia to everyone who wants to do business with Russia."

— Ardy Assink, Director of the International Trade Department, Chamber of Commerce Limburg (2010)

"Thank you so much for your excellent organisation of the trade mission matchmaking. I had very positive echoes from our companies. It was a successful mission and our Prince and the Minister were very satisfied."

— Sasha Baillie, Consul, the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to Russia (2010)

"All in all, we were satisfied with the work done by the Lighthouse team and we recommend them to everyone who wants to enter the Russian market".

— Myriam Dallanoce, General Director, Interlux Assurances Maladie S.A. (2010)

"Our big thanks to Jeroen and his Lighthouse team for the professional and practical support we received, to evaluate certain Russian growth opportunities!! We have all benefited a lot from your hands-on approach, clear credibility on how Russia really works and personal network and experiences. Moreover, I have enjoyed working with you personally, as always. Wishing you good luck for 2010 and be sure that whenever the opportunity arises, we will ask you for your help again."

— Paul Jacob Bins, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, APM Terminals Management BV (part of the AP Moller-Maersk Group) (2009)

"Thanks again for your major contribution to the success of the presentation in Moscow. I think it's fair to say that the assistance and encouragement of the Lighthouse team, Jeroen's more than capable chairmanship coupled with the boost in attendance generated by the last minute mailing made the difference between success and mediocrity."

— Jonathan Sheldrick, ANT Trust & Corporate Services (2009)

"We appreciated the presentation of Jeroen Ketting of Lighthouse during our International Business week. Our companies were impressed by his knowledge of the Russian market. His tips and tricks for entering the Russian market were very practical and much appreciated. We recommend Jeroen Ketting to everyone who wants to do business with Russia."

— Anja Hendrikx, Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Belgium (2009)

"Jeroen has participated as a moderator in the 1st Green & Sustainable Development Conference that was organized by our company. His performance as a moderator was a pleasure to both speakers and audience. During his session he presented its topic with clearness, masterfully guided the discussion and led people to asking questions and voicing their opinions on the subject of the discussion. All in all we are happy we invited Jeroen to led this session and of course we will try to include him in our next events."

— Igor Stroganov, Event Producer, Impressmedia (2009)

"We can look back at a very well organized and successful Holland trade mission during the World Food 2009 in Moscow. The attendance by representatives of wholesale and retail companies during the business match making session was better than expected. So many thanks to Vincent and others of the Lighthouse staff that helped to make this mission a success."

— Marinus Overheul, Agricultural Counselor, The Netherlands Embassy in Moscow (2009)

"The Lighthouse Group has been a very trustworthy partner during our first adventures in Russia. They supported us actively with good advice and offered us their profound experience of the Russian Market. Truly they are one of the most important reasons why we were able to put our first steps on Russian soil successfully. We would have never been able to do it without them."

— Dago van Balberghe, Export Manager, CIBO N.V. (2009)

"We really appreciated the involvement of the Lighthouse team in the development of a market entry strategy for Lutèce BV in Russia. The outcome of the research is a great help to support the market entry in a complicated market as Russia. Thanks to all of you for the good work."

— Ton Bouwer, Commercial Director, Lutèce B.V. (2009)

"Working with Lighthouse has been a very good experience for our company. Their complete staff is very professional and is extremely committed to get the job done in time. Since doing business in Russia has some particular dynamics I recommend anyone who wants to do business in Russia to get in touch with Lighthouse."

— Marc Dokter, Commercial Director, Enkev B.V. (2009)

"It has been a great pleasure to do business with Lighthouse. We were assisted by them in a fast and professional way. Thanks to them we were able to make a quick start on the Russian market."

— Martin Verhoeven, Chief Financial Officer, Trust International B.V. (2009)

"Thanks for all the great help, it's all about the extra efforts done by Birgit and the Lighthouse team that gave Booking.com a flying start in Russia. Only two months after my first visit, we started operations with 6 employees in Moscow! I look forward to meeting you again at the office opening drink on the roof terrace of our new office!"

— Max Commandeur, Regional Manager, Booking.com (2009)

"Jeroen has participated as a thought leader in two leadership program designed and managed by my firm. The clients, both large multi nationals, have loved his presentation style, his directness in presenting information regarding Russia and his ability to assist them in seeing opportunities for their business in the future of Russia and eastern Europe."

— Bill Wiggenhorn, Principal, Main Captiva LLC (2009)

"Our Chamber of Commerce organized a fact-finding mission to Moscow for companies active in the poultry sector. Lighthouse supported us in organizing this mission. All the participants, without exceptions, complimented me on the informative program and excellent organization. Lighthouse delivers quality service. Furthermore, it is certainly an advantage to work with a Western managed company, such as Lighthouse, which is located in Russia. This minimizes communication problems and eases the adaption to the specific Russian business culture."

— Bert Janson, International Trade Consultant, Chamber of Commerce Eastern Netherlands (2008)

"First of all, I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the support that has been given to us by Lighthouse in the past year. Your efforts have been crucial for us to start up our own company and clearly, without your help we would not have been able to succeed."

— Jan-Wouter Hasselaar, President, Hatraco Technische Handelsonderneming B.V. (2008)

"I would like to thank you and the crew at Lighthouse for the preparations and excellent support prior to and during the mission to Russia. For me, it was a very successful mission and all the matchmaking contacts that I met were of top quality."

— Hans van Schaik, Sales Manager, SACO Airport Equipment B.V. (2008)

"To start a new company in Russia is close to impossible without local support you can fully trust. Lighthouse did give this support to Promocean. All issues related to the establishment of our company were solved in a very smooth way by Jeroen and his team. Legal support, search for employees, finding a location and many more was all operated by Lighthouse. A job well done!!"

— Marnix van der Moolen, Vice-President, Promocean (2008)

"Dear Lighthouse staff, thank you so much for organizing the matchmaking events in Moscow and in Nizhni Novgorod during the trade mission headed by Mr. Frank Heemskerk, Minister for Foreign Trade. You all did an excellent job. Keep up the good work!"

— Jos Hermsen, Project Manager, EVD International Business and Corporation (2008)

"GLOBE is very satisfied about the professional way Lighthouse searches for new business leads. They know the market and market developments of the Russian Federation well which results in good leads for new business leads."

— Han Wannet, Director, GLOBE Airmotors B.V. (2008)

“Lighthouse did an excellent job for our participants. They organized matchmaking for them at the Ecwatech exhibition in Moscow in June 2008. All participants were satisfied and I heard that there is already follow-up. In future we want to cooperate again with Lighthouse.”

— Trudi van Spankeren, Project Manager, The Dutch Association of Suppliers of Environmental Technologies (VLM) (2008)

"In my role as organizer for an EVD trade mission to Moscow with 17 of our members, I was very happy to see that we can rely on such great support from a professional organization that helps Dutch companies in realizing their goals on the Russian market. I will definitely be in touch with Lighthouse the next time Moscow is on our agenda."

— Paul Verlinden, Manager International Relations, Royal Metaalunie (2008)

"With great pleasure we have invited Jeroen as a speaker for the EU-Study Weeks, a project funded by the EC Delegation in Russia, and every time his performance exceeded our expectations. His brilliant and smart presentations are always highly appreciated by the audience consisting of Russian students and postgraduates. His presentations are based on valuable practical experience and always stand out among the other presentations. Again and again we receive requests to invite Jeroen for the next session. We would like to thank Lighthouse and Jeroen for our cooperation and hope it will continue in the future."

— Albina Tsvetkova, Project Manager, ECORYS-NEI (2008)

"It has been a worthwhile trade mission trip to Almaty for us. It has been very well organized and the meetings in general matched well. At least 2 of them may finally worked out in new business of good size. The rest will need further follow-up by ourselves for the moment. Thanks for all the work that has been put into this mission event."

— Frank Balk, General Manager, Altronic Europe B.V. (2007)

“Also in the name of Jan Willem, a word of thanks for the proper organization of the matchmaking event during the trade mission to Almaty. We have had a good week which has confirmed our intention to step up activities in Kazakhstan. Well done thus, look forward to participate a next time in a new mission, new region.”

— Alphons Wijnen, Area Manager Central and Eastern Europe, Gemco International B.V. (2007)

"First of all thanks to you and your team for organizing this matchmaking, which was not an easy job. If follow up is needed from our side we will surely ask for your help and it is good to know."

— Jacques Roozendaal, Regional Expert Manager, Gunnebo AB (2007)

“We would very much like to thank you for the support you gave us last week, during the second round of interviews. Lighthouse is very service oriented, and I thought the process went very well.”

— Arnoud de Geus, Business Development Manager, Sioux Embedded Systems B.V. (2007)

"Lighthouse was successfully involved in a number of PSO(M)-projects in Russia and I very much appreciated their continuous professional and helpful attitude. Lighthouse genuinely knows what it is doing and achieves results, which are a bridge too far for others. Personally and still to this day, I think it was an amazing stunt to formally locate the PSO energy measuring van next to the Kremlin for an opening ceremony by H.E. Mr. Jan-Peter Balkenende in November 2007!"

— Michiel van Erkel, Region Manager PSOM Program, Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency (EVD) (2009)

"Jeroen, thank you for all your help and know that Helly Hansen will be using your services in the future."

— Sebastian Choquette, Export Manager, Helly Hansen ASA (2006)

"Through this way I would like to thank you for the support and guidance during my trip last week to Russia. Your team did their utmost best to help me to reach our goal in Russia and I hope that this will continue in the coming months."

— Mauricio Gutierrez Matta, Sales Executive, Diolen Industrial Fibers B.V. (2006)

"I have enjoyed working with you. Professional, excellent service attitude, pleasant personality and no trouble was too much. Thanks to you and your colleagues our visit to Moscow has been a great success. Depending on the destinations we will choose for next years' visit to Russia I hope we get a chance to work together again."

— Fred van der Meer, Project Manager Russia, Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency (EVD) (2006)

"For more than five years now we are successfully co-operating with Lighthouse on a wide range of projects establishing joint ventures and production facilities in various regions in Russia and in different sectors of industry. Our experience regarding co-operation with Lighthouse has always been very positive and we highly value the input of Lighthouse. It is with pleasure that we recommend Lighthouse as a reliable and well performing business partner."

— Hendrik van Prooije, Director, Peja International (2005)

"Lighthouse helped us to find a location for a greenfield box plant in Russia. They were very quick in understanding our requirements and came up with various suggestions for a location. We liked the speed, dedication and working style of the Lighthouse team."

— Bas Hilferink, Director Strategic Planning European Container Division, International Paper (2005)

"All the compliments from our side for you and your team for the good and professional organization during the Business to Business (B2B) Matchmaking event. We are very pleased with almost all the leads/prospects we met last week and we faced a very positive attitude for developing business in the near future."

— Rikus Stuut, Sales Manager, Apparatenfabriek Helpman B.V. (2005)

"Thank you for the valuable information gathered regarding the Russian adhesive market and possible distributors. We consider it a job well done."

— Alexander Vissers, International Area Sales Manager, Bison International (2005)

"I would like to thank the Lighthouse team for their excellent cooperation and support in the preparation and execution of the EPC-Oil and Gas-Business to Business (B2B) Matchmaking event, which took place from 28 November till 1 December 2004 in Moscow. The input and experience of Lighthouse contributed a lot to the implementation of our mutual project. Looking forward to team up with Lighthouse in the future."

— Ben Deiters, Senior Manager Business Development, Association FME-CWM (2004)

"Proficiat met het tot nu toe behaalde resultaat. Jullie inbreng en ervaring heeft mede daartoe bijgedragen dat we snel het resultaat hebben kunnen verwezenlijken."

— Ton van Dokkum, Business Unit Manager Oil & Gas, Future Pipe Industries (2005)

"During a period of more than 2 years, ABB Lummus Heat Transfer B.V. has been working with Lighthouse Business Management Russia B.V. as a cooperating partner on the execution of a PSO+ project in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. We were very pleased with the professional attitude demonstrated during the execution of the project, supported by an in-depth knowledge of current business developments in the Russian Federation."

— Cees Verbeek, Manager Total Quality Management, ABB Lummus Heat Transfer B.V. (2004)

"The Lighthouse team produced exactly the deliverables that we required."

— M.Th. (René) de Kok, Director, Royal Haskoning France (2004)

"I have finished reading your entire report and I must make my compliments to everybody that participated in the making of it. It is an excellent job with much valuable information in it."

— Martine Oosterom, Communication Specialist, CIMCOOL Industrial Products B.V. (2004)

"Lighthouse played an instrumental role in attracting finance for the establishment of our production facilities for the production of office doors in St. Petersburg and provided effective interim management services in getting the project of the ground, once the finance was secured."

— Ivar Koop, President, Stroymoda (2004)

"The due diligence report made by Lighthouse was very useful in getting insider information on 'who-is-who' in Russian business."

— Lennard de Klerk, Project Officer, Carboncredits.nl (2004)

"I would like to specifically compliment the team that was involved in drafting the report on food processing and packaging machinery. There is a very high demand for it."

— Annemarie Destrée, Information Manager Russia, Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency (EVD) (2003)

"An excellent job! Lighthouse provided the reliability and professionalism we needed for our project in Russia."

— Aldert van der Wijk, Grolsch (2003)

"For over two and a half years, Lighthouse has proven to be the perfect partner for Gasunie Trade & Supply contributing to our activities in Russia by providing us with valuable assistance, advice and business facilitation services."

— Jacob Kielman, Director Gas Purchasing, Gasunie Trade & Supply (2003)

"During spring 2002 Lighthouse organized all matchmaking services on behalf of the Embassy of Luxembourg for an economic mission, which took place in June 2002.The organization of the business to business meetings were done in a very professional and satisfying way by the members of the Lighthouse team."

— Claude Molinaro, Economic Department, Embassy of Luxembourg (2002)